What is LinkedIn Premium? How to use Full guide.

Introduction to LinkedIn Premium

Introduction to LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription service offered by LinkedIn. It provides enhanced features designed to improve your networking, job search, and recruitment capabilities. This service is beneficial for professionals looking to maximize their LinkedIn experience. Whether you’re a job seeker, a business owner, or someone looking to upskill, LinkedIn Premium offers something for everyone.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Enhanced Profile Visibility

One of the key advantages of LinkedIn Premium is increased profile visibility. With this feature, your profile appears higher in search results. Recruiters and potential connections are more likely to notice you, giving you a competitive edge.

InMail Messaging

InMail messaging is another valuable feature. It allows you to send messages to any LinkedIn member, even if you’re not connected. This can be particularly useful for reaching out to recruiters, potential clients, or industry leaders.

Access to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Premium subscribers gain access to LinkedIn Learning. This platform offers a vast library of courses and tutorials. It’s a great resource for professional development, helping you to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Insights on Job Listings

LinkedIn Premium provides detailed insights on job listings. You can see how you compare to other applicants and discover key information about the company. These insights can help you tailor your applications and improve your chances of success.

Who Viewed Your Profile

Another useful feature is the ability to see who has viewed your profile. This information can be leveraged to identify potential job opportunities or network with people who are interested in your professional background.

LinkedIn Premium Plans

LinkedIn Premium Plans

LinkedIn offers several Premium plans, each catering to different professional needs. Here’s a breakdown of the main options:

General Features Included Across Most Plans:

  • Increased Profile Views: Get noticed by more potential employers and collaborators.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Refine your searches with more specific criteria to find the right opportunities.
  • InMail Credits: Send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless of connection status (number of credits varies by plan).
  • See Who Viewed Your Profile: Identify people who have checked out your profile in the last 90 days (availability may vary by plan).

Plan Specifics (prices subject to change):

  • LinkedIn Premium Career ($29.99/month): Ideal for job seekers, it offers the core features mentioned above to help you stand out in the applicant pool.

  • LinkedIn Premium Business ($59.99/month): Designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs, it builds on the Career plan with features like learning credits and browsing anonymously (availability may vary). This plan focuses on lead generation and building business relationships.

Sales-focused Options:

  • Sales Navigator Core ($99.99/month): Aimed at sales teams and individuals, it offers advanced lead generation tools, including advanced search filters specifically for finding potential customers and decision-makers.

  • Sales Navigator Advanced ($149.99/month): An upgrade to the Core plan, it provides additional features like lead scoring and TeamLink for better sales collaboration (availability may vary).

  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Custom Pricing): Suited for larger enterprises, it offers even more advanced sales intelligence and automation features.

Additional Options:

  • LinkedIn Learning ($19.99/month): While not technically a Premium plan, it provides access to a vast library of online courses for professional development. You can consider this option if upskilling is your primary goal.

Premium Career

The Premium Career plan is designed for job seekers. It includes features such as InMail messaging, profile visibility boosts, and access to LinkedIn Learning. This plan can significantly enhance your job search efforts.

Premium Business

The Premium Business plan is ideal for professionals looking to expand their network. It offers all the benefits of the Premium Career plan, plus additional business insights and tools to grow your professional connections.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is tailored for sales professionals. It includes advanced search capabilities, lead recommendations, and CRM integrations. This plan helps salespeople find and build relationships with potential clients.

Recruiter Lite

Recruiter Lite is perfect for recruiters and HR professionals. It provides access to LinkedIn’s extensive talent pool, advanced search filters, and candidate tracking tools. This plan makes the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

For Job Seekers

LinkedIn Premium can be a valuable investment for job seekers. The enhanced visibility and access to InMail can help you stand out to recruiters. Additionally, LinkedIn Learning offers resources to improve your skills and qualifications.

For Network Builders

If you aim to expand your professional network, LinkedIn Premium is beneficial. The ability to send InMail messages and gain insights into profile viewers can help you connect with key industry players.

For Sales Professionals and Recruiters

Sales professionals and recruiters can greatly benefit from LinkedIn Premium. The advanced search tools and lead recommendations streamline the process of finding prospects and candidates. This can lead to better results and increased efficiency.


LinkedIn Premium offers a variety of features tailored to different professional needs. Whether you’re a job seeker, network builder, sales professional, or recruiter, LinkedIn Premium provides tools to enhance your experience. By investing in LinkedIn Premium, you can take your professional journey to the next level.